Sergiy Petlyuk / / Сергій Петлюк



Video installation/video sculpture
Video. Wooden construction, clothes. 1-3 video projectors, video players. Dimensions variable

 The “Untitled” is a nameless person, a naked body that is deprived of the most expressive sign of visual identity… the face.

Moving, nude, headless male and female bodies are projected on human outerwear hanged on a special construction. This outerwear, bought at the Secondhand, is also deprived of former attachment to a particular individual, and now collectively unified. All together, it reminds one living mechanism that, despite own impersonality, continues to move and function.

The project sends us to a constant tension between personal and social, intimate and communal, internal and external. It refers to the social tendency for unication that consciously and unconsciously affects personality. It is also about the crucial need of an individual for isolation, separation, and disassociation from the conditional crowd.